Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Antiquing: Eggs, Avon and politics

Some of my girlfriends and I went antiquing last weekend. When I say "antiquing," I really mean "went hunting in antique shops for cheap, awesome jewelry," and this round did not disappoint. The only bad part was when the nice shop ladies tried to start talking politics to us :/. Sorry ma'am, not here for impromptu debates, just shiny things.

And oh, what shiny things:

Avon blue egg necklace: Possibly my favorite thing, this is a great example of all of the wonderful, cheap baubles Avon apparently used to sell. It's easy to wear, yet creative at the same time. I think I have a zipper necklace and a key ring lying around somewhere from Avon as well.

Mosaic pin: One of the main frustrations of antiquing are all of the beautiful little trinkets that are totally unwearable. Seriously, what are we to do with pins and cufflinks and clip-on earrings? (Modify them, you say? You underestimate how lazy I am.) Anyhoo, I just couldn't resist this pin, because the sort of mosaic-bead layout was worth the price and trouble. I need to learn more about this technique, because it really is beautiful.

Gold hoop earrings: Yo you can never have too many pairs of gold hoop earrings.

Bezel bracelet: Clearly not real, in any way, but I've worn it a few times just this week, and you really can't tell I only paid $12 for it. Fancy stuff.

Green earrings: Another one that looks more expensive than it is, the stones here appear to be plastic and the earrings themselves are light. That being said, they look badass, and add to my burgeoning green jewelry collection.

Pink and silver earrings: What can I say? You see these for $2, you buy them.

All for under $70, I would say this was a successful trip. If you're ever in the Roswell, GA area, it is an antique lovers dream.

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